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January 16, 2020

Learn Tajweed

"Learn Tajweed" provides a guide that leads you from the moment you begin the alphabet, through until the ability to read basic Arabic, continues with more complex rules of tajweed and into memorizing the Quran. Finally included is a translated guide originally written by Shaykh Abdul Muhsin Al-Qasim that guides you with a comprehensive way to memorize the Quran and teaches you how to revise and maintain what you have memorized with accordance of the sunnah of our Prophet.

Salah Supplications.png

January 02, 2020

Salah Supplications

Salah is the most important act of worship after the shahaadatain. Allah said: "Guard strictly (five obligatory) as-salawat especially the middle salat. And stand before Allah with obedience [and do not speak to  others during the Salat]." (2:238)


This book covers some of the sayings of the Prophet before, during and after salah. Using the duaa in this book will help increase khushoo, improve the quality of salah and bring one closer to Allah.

Activity Book - Cover_Front.png

March 05, 2021

Learn Tajweed Acitivity Book

"Learning Tajweed Activity Book" provides a guide that leads you through basic Arabic vocabulary so that you are able to both practice your Arabic writing skills while learning the numbers, colours and shapes in the Arabic language. You will find different kinds of activities and games to make learning fun and rewarding.

Ask Your Lord.png

October 12, 2017

Ask Your Lord

Our daily duaa is an important aspect of our daily life as Muslims. It is prescribed by the Prophet and a form of worship of our Lord and Creator, as he said in the hadith:


"Duaa is worship" (saheeh al-tirmidhi 2590) 


This is a book containing the daily duaa from the authentic sunnah of the Prophet. Included is at least one source, the transliteration and translation of each duaa.

Our books are available in the following locations:

Habib Islamic Bookstore

22 Rexdale Blvd, Etobicoke, ON M9W 5Z3

One Path Academy

152 Mill Street, Milton, ON L9T 1S2

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