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Quran and Islamic Studies Teacher

Abu Adam is fluent in books of tajweed and aqeedah such as Tuhfat al-Aatfaal, Mattan Al-Jazariyyah and is fluent with Rules of rewayat warsh 3an nafi3a, rewayat hafs 3an 3sim. He has also studied under students of knowledge and scholars in Algeria. 


He holds a Bachelors degree in Economic Sciences, Specializing in Economics and Business Management. 


Aside from his credentials, Brother Amine is known in the Milton community as a Quran, Tajweed and Islamic studies teacher and is well loved by current and past students and parents. 


Quran Teacher

Brother Oday has been teaching Quran in Milton in different locations. He is Palestinian and a native Arabic speaker who was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. Brother Oday has a unique love and bond with children and has based his education on dedicating his life to facilitating their learning. His area of expertise lies with children diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder, downs syndrome, cerebral palsy, and ADHD. 
He holds a bachelors degree in special education.


Quran and Islamic Studies Teacher

Sister Zahra has been teaching Quran and Islamic studies on and off for over 17 years to youth and children through out Canada and the USA. 


She has her bachelors degree in Islamic studies focusing on hadith studies and family law and has studied under many qualified tajweed teachers.


She is also a social worker by profession and currently helps council youth and women in our community. 


Quran Teacher

Sister Abir is a native Arab speaker. Upon graduation from the faculty of Art and a degree in the Arabic language, she started her career as an Arabic and Quran teacher in various schools in Egypt, Kuwait, and Canada. She has more than 20 years of experience.

She is known for her loving approach to teaching and is well loved by our students.


Islamic Studies Teacher


Quran Teacher

Maimona Talha is originally from Pakistan and was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. She underwent her schooling in local Arabic schools and having learnt the Quran with Tajweed, she is proficient in the Arabic language as well as the recitation of the Holy Quran. She also has several years of experience in teaching Islamic studies to young children in Saudi Arabia. 

She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and has also obtained several certificates including Usool al Tafseer, Arabic reading & writing, and Fiqh of prayer among others from the Arab Open University (previously Islamic Online University) as part of her Diploma in Islamic studies which she is currently undertaking. 

She loves to interact with children and help them develop to be the best versions of themselves.

Sister Ayesha is our weekend Islamic Studies teacher and has been with us since 2019. She finds teaching children about Islamic Studies meaningful and enjoys connecting with them. In the past, Ayesha has volunteered at multiple Islamic summer camps and assisted at various events for the local masjid. She is currently studying computer science at UofT.


Quran Teacher

Brother Majd, having studied with different teachers, is well oriented in Quran and Tajweed as he continues to work on his hifdh. He has also greatly involved himself in different community initiatives such as being a youth leader at his local masjid in Burlington, being a councillor for Muslim summer camps, and has experience working with young children as a swimming instructor. He is currently completing a math degree at the University of Waterloo

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