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Here to Guide, Inspire and Support

Br. Abu Adam Amine Slimani

Quran and Islamic Studies Teacher

Abu Adam is fluent in books of tajweed and aqeedah such as Tuhfat al-Aatfaal, Mattan Al-Jazariyyah and is fluent with Rules of rewayat warsh 3an nafi3a, rewayat hafs 3an 3sim. He has also studied under students of knowledge and scholars in Algeria and other places.


He holds a Bachelors degree in Economic Sciences, Specializing in Economics and Business Management. 


Aside from his credentials, Brother Amine is known in the Milton community as a Quran, Tajweed and Islamic studies teacher and is well loved by current and past students and parents. 

Shaykh Mohammed Abdul Aziz 

Full time hifdh teacher 

Shaykh Mohammed is our full time hifdh teacher. He is also one of the imams at ISNA masjid in Mississauga.  

Shaykh Mohammed has completed a bachelor's degree and ijazah in 10 Qiraat in multiple institutes including Al-Azhar University in Egypt. This is only some of the many accreditations by the shaykh.  

He has been an imam and community leader for over ten years and has over 15 years of teaching experience.  

Sr. Umm Hamza 

Quran and Islamic Studies Teacher

Sister Zahra has been teaching Quran and Islamic studies on and off for over 20 years to youth and children in Canada and the USA.  


She has her bachelor's degree in Islamic studies focusing on hadith studies and family law and has studied under multiple qualified tajweed teachers. She is currently enrolled with Al Madrasatu Al Umariyyah 


She is also a social worker by profession and currently helps council youth and women in our community.

Sr. Abir Mahmoud

Quran Teacher

Sister Abir is a native Arab speaker. Upon graduation from the faculty of Art and a degree in the Arabic language, she started her career as an Arabic and Quran teacher in various schools in Egypt, Kuwait, and Canada. She has more than 20 years of experience.

She is known for her loving approach to teaching and is well loved by our students.

Sr. Fathima Bint Mohamed 

Girls Islamic Studies and Tajweed Teacher 

Fathima started her journey learning at Masjid al-Maghfirah in Sharjah and continued her journey with multiple teachers from Sharjah, Malaysia and Canada.  


She has been teaching Quran and Islamic studies for the last 8 years. She continues to study Quran and Islam under multiple teachers (including Abu Adam and Umm Hamza) and implements her knowledge in her teaching of her students. 

Sr. Maimona Talha

Quran Teacher

Maimona Talha is originally from Pakistan and was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. She underwent her schooling in local Arabic schools and having learnt the Quran with Tajweed, she is proficient in the Arabic language as well as the recitation of the Holy Quran. She also has several years of experience in teaching Islamic studies to young children in Saudi Arabia. 

She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and has also obtained several certificates including Usool al Tafseer, Arabic reading & writing, and Fiqh of prayer among others from the Arab Open University (previously Islamic Online University) as part of her Diploma in Islamic studies which she is currently undertaking. 

She loves to interact with children and help them develop to be the best versions of themselves.

Sr. Ola El Halabi

Evening Part-Time Hifdh Teacher 

As a devoted learner of Islamic studies and the Quran, she has dedicated significant time to deepen her knowledge with an educational background in tajweed. Her educational foundation in Quran Tajweed was established upon graduating from Dar Al-Quran Al-Kareem in Kuwait in 2005.

Her passion extends beyond personal study, as she loves to share this knowledge with children. Through her experience as a teacher, she strives to make tajweed principles easily accessible to children. She aims to provide an engaging and enriching tajweed learning experience for our beloved young Muslims.  

Sister Ola is currently our part-time hifdh teacher and has brought high praise by most of the parents of her students Allahumma Baarik and yields a wonderful return to her dedicated teaching. She has been teaching for around 7 years now.  

Sr. Umm Isaaq 

Islamic Studies Teacher 

Sister Aliya is one of our Islamic studies teachers. She is well-loved by her young students with her combinations of Islamic learning, fun educational activities, and arts and crafts. She is also very keen to keep parents updated with student photos, videos, and full write-ups on the days’ class to the private parents' WhatsApp group.  

Sister Aliya has studied in multiple Islamic programs and has learned a lot about child psychology and development and Tarbiyyah from an Islamic perspective. She is currently studying with Al Madrasatu Al Umariyyah.  

Sr. Asmaa Muhammad 

Quran and Tajweed Teacher 

Sister Asmaa started memorizing the Qur’an and learning the rules of Tajweed, Al-Nouraniyah, and Tufat Al-Atfal in Yemen. She completed memorizing (hifdh) the Qur’an in Dar Nour al-Iman, affiliated with Al-Azhar in Egypt.

When she was introduced to this field of teaching the Qur’an to non-Arabic speakers, she became very enthusiastic about it and knew immediately that this is what she wanted to do. She gained experience teaching the Qur’an, Tajweed, and the Arabic language in Yemen and Egypt. She is certified to teach Qur’an reading and Tajweed to non-Arabic speakers. Her goal is to make it easier for as many students as possible to read the Qur’an. 

Sr. Amina Muhammad 

Quran and Tajweed Teacher 

Sister Amina completed her Quran and Tajweed studies from mashaykh in Yemen at masjid at-tawfeek. She has studied tajweed, al-nooraniyah and tufat al-atfal in Yemen and holds an ijazah in nooraniyah. 

Sister Amina has experience in teaching Hifdh, tajweed and the Arabic language. Teaching is her passion, and she does her best to make her classes simple and comfortable for all her students.  

Br. Hamza Hamid 

Youth Boys Islamic Studies and Quran Teacher

Hamza has studied in multiple Islamic programs, with different masajid and teachers throughout his life. With a passion for the Quran, he studied from tufat al-atfal as well as nouraniyah and Qaida baghdadiya.  

Hamza is an avid reader and under the guidance of his teachers he has studied many of the books of the scholars such as Al Madkhal by Shaykh Abdul Qadr ibn Badran, Al Fawaid and Miftah Dar al Sa’adah by ibn Qayyim. He has a distinct ability to really connect to teenaged boys and they look up to him as a mentor. Through Hamza, many of our youth have discovered their passion for learning their deen and a love for building their connection and relationship with their Lord and Creator.  

Br. Kassem Mohamed 

Quran and Tajweed Teacher 

Kassem studied the Quran in Abbas Mosque in Yemen. He completed his hifdh of the Quran in Egypt. He trained to teach the Quran, Tajweed, and the Arabic language. He hopes to help in Quran memorization, recitation, and teaching Islamic matters to different ages helping them to know more about the correct Islam. His goal is to make the students love the class while learning the Qur'an. He does his best to help students understand, recite, and read the Quran as well as teaching them how to read individually.  

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